Mommy Fit

There are many different options out there for recent mommies looking to exercise. There is yoga, an exercise aimed to bring balance to the body and the mind through meditation and a variety of poses and jogging with a stroller, better known as a jogger.

If you’re not familiar with yoga but have seen clips or pictures of people doing different poses, it can seem very intimidating to get started. Thankfully, there are tutorials for beginners and for any level of experience. For beginners, they might start with a pose called the Balasana, which is more popularly known as Child’s Pose, where you are kneeling with both feet behind you with your buttocks touching the heels of your feet. Your elbows are down on the ground out in front of your head with your hands interlocked around the back of your neck. For more advanced yoga participants, there is a pose called the Visvamitrasana, also known as, The Sage. In order to successfully complete this pose, you need a good amount strength, flexibility and excellent control of your body. You start in a push up position with your buttocks in the air pointing to the sky. Then, you lunge forward one leg close to where your head is. Once that foot is in place, you want to plant the hand that is on the same side as the lunged foot onto the ground making sure that it’s straight and locked. Then, you pivot your body towards the opposite side lifting the lunged leg over the planted hand and grabbing that foot with the opposite hand. In the final step of this difficult pose, you raise the hand that was grabbing the foot towards the sky, while the foot that was grabbed is now extended straight in the direction of the initial lunge. Check to see if there are any promotional offers at your local yoga gym or look on Groupon for any deals on a set of classes. If saving money is your goal, you can even search for videos on YouTube where there’s a plethora of resources.

For babies who like being in a stroller or don’t really mind it, jogging may be a viable option for exercise. There are plenty of joggers with different qualities and features that new parents may be attracted to. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is an example of a jogger with a lockable swivel allowing for more control of the stroller while riding on rough terrain. With the front wheel locked to a position where it can only go in one direction, it prevents the stroller from going all over the place when hitting bumps and obstacles. Another type of jogger is the Bob Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller. This jogger features the wheels, which are made of high impact polymer making for a smoother ride on any surface.

For more information on these joggers and other strollers, check out this website.

There are a lot more exercises out there that were not mentioned here like Zumba and regular workouts with an individual’s own bodyweight or with dumbbells. Some workouts even include the baby for more mommy and baby bonding. Check out a couple of different ones and see which one is the right fit for you.